The Future: endless possibilities

The Future: endless possibilities 400 400 Davos Digital Forum

The Future: endless possibilities


Time: 14:40 – 14:55

The future only exists as a multitude of possibilities until it becomes the present.

This talk will cover the way of looking into the future as it is practiced at UBS Y Think Tank.

To prepare for the future, it’s crucial to develop a sense of possibility and use the power of imagination. The consideration of various possibilities has the potential to make a decision more robust when taking future events into account. Therefore, it’s a crucial skill that impacts our tomorrows.

At Y Think Tank, rather than looking at the future from the present, we focus on exploring a multitude of possibilities directly from a future perspective. This helps us cast new lights onto decisions we need to make today: possibilities open doors to different worlds.

We will also cover one of our current scenarios that could have a large impact on many industries.

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Markus Iofcea
UBS Y Think Tank

Stream 1 – Ideen sammeln
Sie suchen nach ersten Ideen wie Themen angepackt werden können. Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich.

Stream 2 – Kenntnisse vertiefen
Sie haben sich mit dem Thema schon auseinandergesetzt und wollen wissen wie andere mit ähnlichen Themen umgehen. Erste Kenntnisse sind erwünscht.

Stream 3 – Experten Austausch
Sie kennen das Thema bereits und wollen sich mit anderen Experten austauschen.

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