Smart City – Barcelona & Chicago

Smart City – Barcelona & Chicago 600 600 Davos Digital Forum

Smart City - Barcelona & Chicago

Stream 3 – Expert exchange

Time: 10:10 – 10:30

Due to evolving trends in digital technologies, expectations on the delivery side are increasing almost daily. Consequently citizens in any given community are changing their approach to dealing with governmental organizations and services. How can the government partner with key public and private sector entities in order to create an ecosystem that can sustain and continue to meet the demands of these ongoing digital transformations and service needs?

Citing case studies completed in Barcelona and Chicago, we will show how governance models assist in improving the digital transformation of the public sector when partnered with technology companies.

In many ways, these solutions are the exact opposite of the traditional hierarchical, bureaucratic and rules-based systems which governments have been using for decades. Central to this new form of problem solving and the subsequent provision of improved community services is the use up-to-date, reliable, user-friendly and open data.

Collecting useable data in line with data protection regulations is quickly becoming top of mind, when dealing with the public demands of today’s digital driven consumers and in measuring the impact of these new digital services.

Industrie 4.0 | 3D@KMU | Internet der Dinge | Blockchain

Joel Curado

Especially recommended for:

  • Smart City officials
  • City and regional planners
  • Regional developers
  • Landscape and spatial planning architects

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