The race for a Corona Vaccine

Who would get the vaccine first?

If or when scientists succeed in making a coronavirus vaccine, there will not be enough to go around. Research labs and pharmaceutical companies are rewriting the rulebook on the time it takes to develop, test, and manufacture an effective vaccine.

Unprecedented steps are being taken to ensure roll-out of the vaccine is global.

But there are concerns that the race to get one will be won by the richest countries, at the expense of the most vulnerable. So, who will get it first, how much will it cost and, in a global crisis, how do we make sure nobody gets left behind?

But also – how can this be managed from a logistic point of view? Distributing an effective COVID-19 vaccine to the global population will likely be the greatest logistical challenge since World War II. Transportation Capacity Limitations or maintaining Temperature Control are only 2 examples of the logistic challenges.

At the Davos Digital Forum we will shine a light on how to prevent vaccine nationalism Governments are hedging their bets to secure potential vaccines, making deals for millions of doses with a range of candidates before anything has been officially certified or approved. But we will also look at the logistics of a COVID-19 vaccination effort can be anticipated.

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