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The challenge the twenty-first century has brought upon medicine is based on disruptive technologies. Instead of developing treatments for populations and making the same medical decisions based on a few similar physical characteristics among patients, medicine has shifted toward

  • prevention,
  • personalization, and
  • precision.

Precision medicine and pharmacological innovation holds huge potential in the timely development of new treatments for human disease. Precision medicine is among the most important concepts to emerge in 21st century clinical science and will be a crucial component of the global drive to increase the efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness of new treatments. Data will also be at the center of attention. Advanced biotechnology, health sensors patients use at home, and the collection of information about patients’ journey in healthcare with hand-held devices have all been producing a vast amount of data.

With the smartphone and health tracker revolutions under the name of digital health, it has become impossible for a physician to analyze all those data or simply to be up to date. We will have a closer look at the role of artificial intelligence in precision medicine and how disruptive technologies have started to make advanced methods available not only to medical professionals but also to their patients.

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