Facilitate Co- Innovation

How can we bring together

  • Consumer Health,
  • Pharma,
  • Biotech, and
  • many other Technology companies

across all functional levels to enable research and development in delivering more effective AI-driven Precision Medicine therapies to patients faster?

We need to work on co-innovations with Industry and Enterprises engaged in

  • Digital Health solutions,
  • Digital Clinical trials,
  • Personalized Drug development,
  • Personalized Treatment therapies,
  • Intelligence Medicine, and
  • Connected Health areas

because the future health issues cannot be solved by anyone or even a few companies alone. Precision medicine can vastly improve — and even save — the lives of many people, and the use of artificial intelligence can increase those outcomes drastically. Precision medicine, coupled with AI, will make treatments more affordable and accessible to those who may not be able to receive those treatments due to cost and health insurance at this time.

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