AI in Healthcare

Across all medical disciplines, artificial intelligence and machine learning will transform medicine beyond most people’s imagination. Algorithms that help evaluate radiological images are just the beginning.

AI could become an indispensable tool in all branches of medicine. The growth of artificial intelligence is evidential.

Although we might see it, AI is truly changing our lives directly or indirectly, starting from its application in voice assistants such as Siri, Google Assistance, and Alexa to large scale applications in the supply chain, retail, manufacturing, enterprise mobility, autonomous cars, and more.

Despite its progress in other industries and sectors, AI has genuinely made a difference in healthcare and affected thousands of people and made their lives better.

At the Davos Digital Forum, we will have a look at Popular use cases of artificial intelligence in healthcare. I.e.

  • Virtual assistance in healthcare,
  • Life coaching for personal health,
  • healthcare bots,
  • diagnostics assistance and medical imaging,
  • drug creation,
  • cybersecurity,
  • fraud detection

– to name a few.

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