5G meets Medicine

5G opens entirely new horizons for telehealth, the technology that allows patients to connect virtually with doctors and other healthcare providers, communicating via real-time video or live chat. 5G networks offer new avenues for the delivery of health care.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is part of the Internet of Things (IoT). This massive network is poised to include billions of low-bitrate and low-energy connected health monitoring devices, remote sensors, and clinical wearables, with 5G providing a backbone infrastructure for IoT. 5G technology will help turn antiquated healthcare systems in hospitals into smart hospitals that can deliver remote healthcare services to patients around the world.

5G and Telehealth will also be covered at the Davos Digital Forum. Telehealth will become more and more important – patients who cannot easily travel to their healthcare providers, 5G will allow the provider to visit them via natural-feeling telepresence systems. Another good example for the 5G meets Medicine is the transport of large data-files. A 5G network means that these large files can be transmitted quickly between doctors and hospitals, reducing the time that would otherwise be needed to move them across often under-powered legacy wired networks prone to cuts and other service interruption issues. At DDF Health Edition we will show real use cases for 5G and IoT meets Medicine.

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