Hot stuff 2020 – new solutions from Estonia

Hot stuff 2020 – new solutions from Estonia 400 400 Davos Digital Forum

Hot stuff 2020 - new solutions from Estonia


Time: 10:45 – 11:00

You will get information about the latest news from Estonia’s National AI strategy and new proactive and seamless government services. A new AI strategy that would allow people to get their government deeds done from any device and any majorly used virtual assistant in the future. The so called #KrattAI would be an opportunity for people to use public direct and informational services by voice-based interaction with AI-based virtual assistants. #KrattAI would not simply be an IT development project. It is also not to create Estonian governmental virtual assistant aka AI-based interface to use public services. The #KrattAI will be an interoperable network of public sector AI applications (agents, bots, assistants, etc) as well as private sector ones, which would work from the user perspective as a single, united channel for accessing public direct and informational services.

You will also get the latest news about life-event based government services like

  • Childbirth,
  • Retirements,
  • Change of residence or
  • building a new property,
  • Driving licence,
  • Military service.

Estonian Government is moving towards invisible event services where customers are served through events in their lives. For example, when a child is born or starts school, or person becomes unemployed, changing jobs, buying a house, being in an accident – technology is capable of linking dozens of services by different institutions, providing a comprehensive solution to the citizen through a single event, in only one contact. In addition, the state does not have to wait for the customer to ask for grants, assistance, advice. The state can itself proactively offer special opportunities to citizens, as all information is available, and citizens have agreed to the use of this information for those purposes.

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Stream 1 – Ideen sammeln
Sie suchen nach ersten Ideen wie Themen angepackt werden können. Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich.

Stream 2 – Kenntnisse vertiefen
Sie haben sich mit dem Thema schon auseinandergesetzt und wollen wissen wie andere mit ähnlichen Themen umgehen. Erste Kenntnisse sind erwünscht.

Stream 3 – Experten Austausch
Sie kennen das Thema bereits und wollen sich mit anderen Experten austauschen.

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