Healthcare meets artificial intelligence

Healthcare meets artificial intelligence 400 400 Davos Digital Forum

Healthcare meets artificial intelligence

Stream 2

Time: 11:25 – 11:45

Providers are looking to reimagine clinical care and operating models around the pervasive use of data and intelligent technologies.

Data holds the key to future medical revolution. The more data we collect, the more we learn from it, and the closer we come to discovering revolutionary new treatments and cures. Healthcare problems are becoming more and more data problems. Using Data Science to Improve Patient Care and Satisfaction is one of the use cases for AI in Healthcare.

From clinical trials and electronic health records to medical imaging, healthcare is an industry with an unprecedented amount of data. The total amount of DNA sequencing data is doubling every 7 months. Turning all those data into patient value is key.

Artificial intelligence has dozens of possible application areas, but healthcare stands out as a remarkable opportunity to benefit all of us. The talk will explore the potential of healthcare breakthrough innovation with artificial intelligence showing examples of clinical applications.

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Dr. Maria Grazia Frontoso

Team Lead Customer Engineer – Public Sector (Government / Healthcare / Research) at Google

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