The future of surgery, the Digital Suite

The future of surgery, the Digital Suite 400 400 Davos Digital Forum

The future of surgery - the Digital Suite

With the first anesthesia in 1846 surgery started to grow. Today 170 years later surgery is still craftsmanship. There is little change of surgical instruments over time.

But the environment has changed dramatically, almost all information you need for surgery today is digital.

Therefore, there is a strong need to bring that into the OR fitting to surgical needs. In addition, surgeon enabling technologies evolved like robotics. The challenge is to set up an OR that covers all and allows surgeons to continue with craftsmanship.

The future of surgery will bring innovative technologies, enhanced understanding of disease and wider collaboration among experts and innovators to improve patient care. The partnership between patients and clinicians will remain at the center of healthcare. The “Future of Surgery” requires a deep dive into the effect of technological advances like

  • robot-assisted surgery,
  • genomic testing,
  • 3D bio-printing,
  • AI, and, finally,
  • AR and VR.

This keynote will provide the background and showcase first examples.

Davos Digital Forum - Digitalisierung in der Praxis mit Anwendungsbeispielen

Florian Gebhard

Medical director at university hospital Ulm
President elect AO Foundation

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