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Female doctors in Pakistan leading into the future using Telemedicine

Sehat Kahani is a health tech social enterprise which engages a network of qualified female doctors who were previously unable to work due to household activities, utilizing digitization of healthcare.

Sehat Kahani is an all-female health provider network that provides quality healthcare Pakistan to those in need, using telemedicine. Currently, Sehat Kahani has 2 business verticals, where online doctors get connected with patients in remote areas of Pakistan by tele-medicine through nurse assisted e-Health clinics.

With this health-tech enterprise two major problems are being solved:

  • Patients are getting connected with qualified doctors without having to travel miles, especially for females who do not have any access to qualified physicians within the vicinity of their communities, have difficulty travelling or don’t consult male doctors due to cultural conservatives.
  • Sehat Kahani is bringing back the doctor-brides in workforce!

Sehat Kahani connects a large pool of untapped, underutilized female doctors to patients who need quality and affordable health care using a telemedicine based web and mobile based application. The Application can be used by consumers, corporates and nurses in the low income communities to connect to an 24/7 available online global network of female doctors. The telemedicine doctors have provided consultations to 275,000 plus patients till date.

Sara is the co-founder and CEO of Sehat Kahani in her presentation she will focus on her journey of creating this enterprise, the successes and failures along the way, the key lessons learnt and her vision for the future.

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Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram

Health Innovator

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