AI-driven energy transition investment

AI-driven energy transition investment 350 200 Davos Digital Forum

AI-driven energy transition investment

Davos Digital Forum - Digitalisierung in der Praxis mit Anwendungsbeispielen


In the dynamically changing and increasingly complex world it is vital to foresee future risks to plan our infrastructure. Most of digital initiatives and investments respond to challenges in a silo-manner, whereas solution to trully smart investment decision-making needs to be:

  • truly holistic across energy, mobility and real estate
  • encompassing aspects of economy, ecology and quality of life
  • adaptable to possible future scenarios

Economic and climatic risks, along with technology progress, international policy changes and increased life quality expectations increase complexity of infrastructure development. This demanding environment poses challenge for investors and city managers, who are further facing increasingly demanding sustainability and financial measures.

In this session, Dr. Anna Gawlikowska, Chief Operation Officer of SwissAI, will introduce the existing approach to AI-supported investment analysis and optimization for smart cities, and will show its different practical applications. She will present AI-supported digital solution to generate possible pathways for realistic smart city’s investment areas and business models to achieve maximum potential.

Existing SwissAI software and database platform allows to model future potential events, including “Black Swan” occurrences, and various potential future scenarios, while maintaining the complexity of urban mobility, transport and mobility, urban planning and energy systems:

  • Centralized data system, along with evaluation and optimization algorithms
  • Enabled urban management and investment across infrastructure aspects
  • Supported decisions to facilitate investments including sensitivity assessment
  • Optimization of thousands investment solutions
  • Assessment of business models for new energy and mobility enterprises

Especially recommended for:

  • Infrastructure Investors
  • Municipal Infrastructure Managers and Business Executives
  • Electricity, gas, heat, transport and construction companies
  • Future-oriented, technology-curious leaders
Davos Digital Forum - Digitalisierung in der Praxis mit Anwendungsbeispielen

Dr. Anna Gawlikowska

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