AI and Blockchain tackling the pandemic

AI and Blockchain tackling the pandemic 400 400 Davos Digital Forum

AI and Blockchain tackling the pandemic: Science or Fiction

The COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest challenge confronting healthcare systems worldwide since decades, has highlighted the urgent need for digital improvement.

The pandemic made governments and its citizens explore the unknown and navigate uncertainties bringing the importance of healthcare to the forefront of geopolitics. In parallel, pragmatic solutions based on advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain have emerged.

  • But can these innovative digital solutions prove useful in tackling global challenges of current and future pandemics?
  • Can Blockchain solutions provide the needed transparency to generate trust in a sustainable healthcare system?
  • Will AI regulations hinder digital acceleration?
  • Will this future oriented digital transformation result in a truly sustainable healthcare system?
  • Most importantly, what if the future is not a logical continuum of the present?
  • What would the digital future strategy look like?
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Nicole Formica-Schiller

CEO and Founder of Pamanicor Health AG

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