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3D Mixed Reality twins 350 200 Davos Digital Forum

When holographic voice assistants lend a virtual hand to Smart Towns in a pandemic

Davos Digital Forum - Digitalisierung in der Praxis mit Anwendungsbeispielen


This is a workshop about leading edge, Digital Out Of Home [DOOH] advertising technology in the flourishing, AI-powered, voice assistant market.

Demonstrating the live, commercialized examples of small, virtual “boxed Brand Ambassadors”, as well as free-standing, life-sized holographic avatars doing Conversational Commerce, we’ll see how these customized characters or “AI bots” are providing Infotainment to citizens and tourists by working interactively and unsupervised in public spaces.

Use Cases include

  • car showrooms,
  • large venues,
  • restaurants,
  • gallery exhibitions,
  • trade shows,
  • market squares and village centers – even
  • retailers like supermarkets,
  • food shops,
  • hotels,
  • wellness/leisure facilities,
  • hospitals, and
  • pharmacies.

We will look closely at the creation of the (chat)bots’ spontaneous, bespoke content that is easy for clients to specify and order and can be connected to RSS feeds like public transport timetables in Real Time, updated TripAdvisor reviews, changing Wikipedia content and city vendors’ new blog posts.
And we will examine how these 3D & 2D multilingual innovations are being applied to Smart City tech in the DACH region in hybrid Mixed Reality form. AI Bots as a Service is the Conversational AI engine behind these multilingual, Proof of Concept pilots on German-speaking, “4 Countries Region” Lake Constance and virtually “from” Sydney, NSW, Australia. The founders of AI BaaS have dedicated a decade to developing its proprietary algorithm in NLP, low-code Edge Computing in the cloud.

Davos Digital Forum - Digitalisierung in der Praxis mit Anwendungsbeispielen
Adjunct Prof. Dr., Q. Inst. Pa.

Tania Peitzker

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Meet the Speaker

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